Always operating on safe ground: The control vehicle TURTLE allows a close view on the MAXX-OPS
Armored at three sides against frags.


A fragment proof mobile shield gives shelter for the MAXX operator. So the visual control of all operations and movements is a combination of real ‘naked eye' view and the possibilities of an advanced video system which provides several views on the machine and it's tools.

An appropriate safety distance between the TURTLE and the MAXX is about 10 meters.

The Turtle is based on a commercial Off the Shelf 6 x 4 diesel engine powered vehicle. The armouring is done by WMF, Namibia, known worldwide for their knowhow and quality work.

The is equipped with all necessary comms and a CCTV-system including a daylight-flatscreen for the incoming video and data signals.

Features and Specifications of the basic vehicle:

  • 18 hp, overhead valve, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine improves fuel economy
  • 4-wheel drive provides superior traction
  • Continuously variable transmission eliminates shifting; speeds from 0 to 18 mph
  • Standard differential lock helps vehicle pull through tough spots
  • Standard high flotation tires minimize ground compaction, improve traction in mud, and flex over bumps for a smooth ride
  • Low center of gravity enhances stability and handling
  • Tight, 24.8-ft. turning clearance circle
  • 16-gauge-steel, 11.2 cu. ft. capacity cargo box hauls up to 1,000 lb.
  • Compact design allows unit to be hauled in the bed of most full-size pickup trucks
The operator visually controls the MAXX through the armored glass and the special daylightscreen, which shows different video images of the OPS area.