HEC Wolf

A 4x4 10 ton mine-resistant and armoured vehicle with a range of modular palletes, built by Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik, Windhoek, Namibia.
WMF is the specialist for the design and manufacturing of monocoque V-hull armoured combat vehicles. Engine, transmission and axles are German built MAN Turbo series with full factory backing worldwide.

Production Range of WMF: Armouring of plant and construction machinery Wolf I, Wolf II, Wolf Turbo III (14 tons) WerWolf Mk 1 and Mk II (10 tons) Refurbishing of all other armoured vehicles like Casspir series.
Funded by US DoS, HEC designed a special series of WerWolf, the so-called HEC-Wolf, which specifically supports the requirements of HD operations. The HEC-Wolf is somewhat de-militarized in that it cannot carry the wide range of weapons which normally are associated with this vehicle.
Instead, HEC has made provisions for more practical fixtures relating to the nature of HD and other humanitarian tasks without compromising the outstanding performance, durability and protection. The HEC-Wolf features a high-roof cab and matching high roof on the pallets, it has two doors on the side of the cab instead of one only in the back, a cab pressurization system incorporated into the heating&cooling pack and comes with state-of-the-art communication kits.
The wide range of extra security features include dual electrical systems and on-board fire suppression. Overall visibility under all conditions is vastly improved. For special applications, a long-wheel-base version is available. HEC designed special modules for HD applications, including OPS Cube, Ambulance Cube, Fire Suppression Pallet , MAXX pallet, etc. The first two models are foreseen to be operational with MgM in Q1 2003. The Hec-Wolf is an evolution of MgM's custom-built Wolf IIIs.

The System